The Best Cannabis Seed Companies In The World

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The best cannabis seed companies in the world are far from each other. The number one spot is the British Columbia Seed Company. The other is across the Atlantic in Europe.

The Best Cannabis Seed Companies In The World

There are two places in the world that breed the best cannabis seeds. California is not one of them. The climate in British Columbia is the best climate in the world for breeding marijuana seeds. Because of its rainy climate, it’s actually the best place to grow seeds instead of bud. The rain makes bud mouldy. Instead of turning all those THC crystals into bud, they get hard at work tuning into seeds that can withstand all the rain the local weather can throw at them.

Second Best Seed Company In The World

The second best seed companies in the world is the Amsterdam seed company. The Dutch have been breeding and stabilizing strains mostly from Pakistan, Morocco, Brazil, Afghanistan, Nepal, Thailand, Russia, Canada, Jamaica, Africa and South East Asia. They’ve been breeding with advanced hydroponic techniques for over 40 years. They’re the best choice for greenhouse grows whereas the British Columbia Seed Company is your best choice for indoor and outdoor grows.

The Best Cannabis Seed Companies In The World

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Best Cannabis Seed Companies In The World

You are now armed with the greatest seed company information to buy the best seeds. Both seed companies offer a huge selection of cannabis seeds. The British Columbia Seed Company has really advanced in hydroponics because of the legalization of Cannabis in Canada. They have been using the most cutting edge hydroponics set-ups the past few years and have almost caught up with the Dutch. They have increased yields 200% in 2017 and are squeezing out even more in 2018, 2019 and 2020. It’s an exciting time to be buying great cannabis genetics and even greater to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Cannabis Seed Company Seed Shortages

There us a huge cannabis seed company seed shortage because of a huge spike in demand. If you’re serious about buying cannabis seeds for this years grow, you better buy them right now because everything is selling out. All the government grow operations are buying up seed supplies around the globe, and the first place they probably buy up all their stock is from the two best seed companies in the world.

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